Crush Incense

Crush Incense

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Crush, like an intoxicating summer breeze filtered through a viridescent forest. Sensual notes of jasmine and soft floral balsam meet beyond the margins of a campfire, where young love hides under dark violet skies. 

Notes  Jasmine, sandalwood, balsam, vetiver

Stay Aflame — 10 hand-dipped incense sticks

Incense sticks hand-dipped in cruelty-free, non-toxic, vegan fragrance, made in Canada. Stored in boxes that are predestined to befriend your collection of pretty things.  

Don’t let it go up in flames  To avoid hazard, fire, and injury, do not burn unattended. Keep out of reach of flammable objects, pets, and children. Neither the seller nor the manufacturer is responsible for the misuse of incense.

Why choose us?

Curated Cool.

Using ethical ingredients of the highest quality and a hyper-local approach, we’ve created design forward products that feel like love letters to the senses.

On-Scent, Custom Blends.

Truly custom fragrances, created in-house at Supersense Studios and blended with our one-of-a-kind coloured wax for a celestial burning experience.

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